“Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to
work hard at work worth doing
Theodore Roosevelt

Is your work worthwhile?

Does it have real value to society? Do you rely on volunteers?
And how can you best demonstrate and communicate this value to those people who can help your organisation thrive and grow?

Jump helps organisations with two important areas:

Behaviour change

We can help you better understand and motivate the people that matter to you. Through our research, insight and creative campaigns and digital technology, you can make their lives and communities happier and healthier.

Social impact

We will help you discover the hidden value in what you do. This can give your organisation a new set of measures, messages and motivations with which to engage funders and audiences.

Here’s how:

GIVERS: The world’s most detailed and useful survey on volunteering

Social impact

After discovering volunteers were worth an astonishing £53bn to the UK economy, we set out to find better ways to recruit and retain them.

Behaviour change

GIVERS toolkit is based on the world’s most detailed survey into volunteering. It uses evidence-based behavioural science (the psychology of how people actually make decisions) to advise volunteer managers on recruiting, managing and retaining volunteers more effectively.

The wellbeing value of parks

Social impact

A ground breaking look at the value of parks to society.

The result

Fields In Trust was able to demonstrate that parks and green spaces are worth twice as much to urban, low socio economic and ethnically diverse groups.

Behaviour change

St John Ambulance wanted to understand the motivations, barriers and behaviours of their hard working volunteers.

The Result

St John gained “vital and practical insights” on how to improve recruitment and management of their volunteers.

#BigThankYou at BBC Sports Personality of the Year

Behaviour change

From our research we knew that a simple thank you was one of the best ways to recognise the huge value of volunteers.

Social impact

In December of the same year we led #BigThankYou with BBC Get Inspired. #BigThankYou trended globally on Twitter, beating the X Factor final on the same night.

Hidden Diamonds and the DCMS Sport Strategy

Social impact

In 2014 our Hidden Diamonds impact analysis on the value of volunteering was presented with Lord Gus O’Donnell and backed by Andrew Haldane, Chief Economist at the Bank of England.

Behaviour change

The 2016 strategy for sport published by DCMS has, for the first time ever, a focus on the role of volunteering. It is now also backed by a £30m fund solely for volunteering via Sport England.

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