I Am Team GB

Led by The National Lottery, ITV, Team GB and Join In,‘I Am Team GB’ became the nation’s biggest ever sports day on 27th August 2016. 972,000 people took part in 2,600 events across the UK as part of the Team GB Rio 2016 homecoming campaign.

The Jump team’s experience (as part of Join In 2012) in hosting a weekend of grass root sport between the Olympic and Paralympic games helped with the design and structure of the I Am Team GB campaign. Jump (as part of Join In) then built a campaign to engage sports, clubs and groups to open their doors, encourage new members and grow their volunteer base. We designed www.IAmTeamGB.com and created enticing content for email, social media, press, stakeholders and online.

The results* spoke for themselves:

  • Nearly 1 million people attended an event on the day
  • Over 2,600 clubs opened their doors and hosted events on one day
  • 52% of attendees were people who do not enjoy exercising in their spare time
  • #IAmTeamGB was number one in the UK on Twitter and trended worldwide on the day
  • 4.1 million people said they would do more sporting activity as a result of the campaign.

The I Am Team GB campaign has since won numerous awards:

The National Lottery, due to the I Am Team GB campaign, was also nominated for The Marketing Society Brand of the Year 2016, held in association with Campaign.

→ Read more about ‘I Am Team GB’ on The Drum.

* Data sourced by YouGov, ABA research and IVR.


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