The team behind Jump built Join In from a weekend between the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics to 12% UK brand awareness by Rio 2016. The investment in volunteering in sport in the UK also grew from zero to £30m as part of the May 2016 Sport England sport strategy, ‘Towards an Active Nation’.

From 2012 to 2016, through the website and campaigns Join In:

  • recruited over 100,000 volunteers into sport every year
  • grew brand awareness from 0-12%
  • built and engaged a database of over 5,000 sports clubs
  • designed and built a website with over 20,000 volunteering opportunities in sport
  • grew email audiences with above-industry-average open and click rates.

Research told us that the first place people were looking for volunteering opportunities was online. So we designed and built into the number one destination for those wanting to lend a hand in sport. The website enabled people to search by postcode for local volunteer opportunities and gave all of Join In communications a clear, simple thing for audiences to do.

Campaigns such as the #BigThankYou at BBC Sports Personality of the Year and ‘I Am Team GB’ combined with an enticing content plan of films, emails, blog posts and social media helped draw in new audiences, turning volunteering into something people wanted to do (rather than something they ought to do).

Our work with Simetrica began with Hidden Diamonds, uncovering the true social impact of volunteers in sport (a staggering £53bn annually). This led to our GIVERS toolkit showing how to use behavioural science to better recruit and retain such a valuable resource.

Jump is now part of the consortium of organisations continuing the legacy of Join In with the Sport and Recreation Alliance.



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