Launched in May 2016 with our partners in Jump Simetrica, this behavioural science work has given the team behind Jump world leading insight into:

  • Recruiting volunteers: Jump can help organisations use the latest behavioural science and insight into why people of different and diverse backgrounds do and don’t volunteer. Used alongside the right messaging and marketing techniques, this research can help to recruit more – and more diverse – volunteers to sport.
  • Retaining volunteers: As any good business knows, it is easier to keep those you already have than find new recruits. We help advise on how to manage and organise your volunteers so that they have a good experience, stay involved, and as a result, recruit more volunteers themselves.

Plus, volunteering in sport is the only form of volunteering to have a statistically significant impact on wellbeing so clearly an activity we want to encourage as a nation.

Jump hopes to be able to promote and share as much of this work as possible with the sport and voluntary sector.


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