NCS bottles

A pioneering wellbeing and human capital value for money analysis

Jump × Simetrica undertook an extensive evaluation and cost benefit analysis of the NCS programme. With a focus on the wellbeing impacts on young people and the human capital (improved education outcomes) that result.

The report tracked progress of NCS graduates into higher education by linking to UCAS Strobe data service. This was the first time in the UK such data linkage analysis had been undertaken.

  • In terms of the impact on short-term life satisfaction for NCS participants, we found that the NCS 2015 programme produced between £3,556 and £5,748 of value per NCS graduate.
  • This impact on life satisfaction works out to a benefit-to-cost ratio of between 2.20 and 4.15 when costs of running the NCS programme are accounted for.
  • In the long-term the entry rates for NCS graduates into higher education are, on average, 12% higher than for non-NCS graduates.
  • An even more positive finding for higher education is that the value of NCS participation is significantly higher for those living in areas of low and medium entry into higher education.

When all of the impacts were pulled together, NCS was able to report a significant increase in value for money with a cost benefit ratio of 1 to  5.93 – 8.36.

– Download the report on our Resources page.


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