Helping St John Ambulance understand their volunteers’ journey and experience

St John Ambulance used the Jump survey tool to understand more about their current and former volunteers. Jump designed the survey, analysed the data and reported insights back to St John Ambulance.

The Jump survey tool takes the key questions from UK Government data sets on volunteering and turns them into a simple, easy to use survey. St John Ambulance used it to survey their volunteers and, armed with the results, were able to compare the motivations, barriers and behaviours of their volunteers to the national averages.

The result

Among other things, the survey revealed that St John volunteers are clearly some of the hardest working volunteers in the UK and as a result require more coordinated and careful management. The survey also showed some of the simple reasons why people start volunteering with St John. This has provided them with clearer guidance and strategies for recruiting new volunteers, and in the way they manage them.

“The Jump Volunteer Survey provided some vital and practical insights into how we can improve the recruitment and management of an incredibly hard working and dedicated bunch of people – our volunteers. Jump’s volunteer survey is excellent –  it’s efficient, innovative and practical.” 

– James Radford, Director of Strategy and Communications & Donna Tew, Head of Volunteering


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