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with the world’s most detailed data, insights and behavioural science on volunteering.

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GIVERS turns data on over 200,000 volunteers into a set of simple, practical tools that will help recruit, retain and reward volunteers.

Each letter in GIVERS stands for an important factor behind a person’s decision to volunteer: Growth, Impact, Voice, Experience, Recognition and Social.

The mix of factors changes for different audiences – we can help you find the right balance. e.g. older volunteers need to see and feel the impact of their time.


One of the biggest motivations for and benefits from sport volunteering is its impact on happiness, life satisfaction and sense of purpose. Messaging around volunteering should emphasise these benefits.


A large part of the wellbeing gains from volunteering are in feeling a greater sense of purpose. Making sure that the volunteers see, feel and understand the impact of their volunteering is vital to retaining their services.


When someone asks you to volunteer, the way they ask and who that message comes from, strongly influences your decision to get involved or not.


It may seem obvious but the research shows that making volunteering as straightforward, positive and convenient as possible will help you attract volunteers and hold on to them.


Recognition is about volunteers being rewarded for their work. From a simple thank you (to a national televised #BigThankYou), finding a way to reward and recognise their work is key to their retention.


Volunteering is often an inherently social activity. It enables you to meet new people and for some people this is another key motivation for getting involved.

The GIVERS tools

Behavioural insight survey

Enables you to survey any group of volunteers and compare their motivations, barriers and experiences to national averages through smart use of UK data sets. See our St John Ambulance case study

Workshops, talks & events

Learn the basics GIVERS and how it applies to all volunteers. A simple way to share knowledge across your organisation.

Communications and marketing

Timely, ongoing, relevant communication with volunteers is vital. Increase recruitment and retention by basing messaging, tone and design on the behavioural science in GIVERS.

Volunteer management

Jump can advise on the best volunteer management systems available on the market today, ensuring you’re able to grow, nurture and develop your volunteers.

The benefits

→ Save time and money

To build a survey this detailed would cost tens of thousands of pounds and take a long time. We can save you a significant amount of time and money.

→ More motivated and productive volunteers 

Apply leading behavioural science through more relevant, targeted communication to improve recruitment, retention and productivity.

→ Increased fundraising and outcomes for your charity

Volunteers are essential to the growth of almost every charity and social enterprise. How much of your revenue depends on volunteers?

→ Better insight and impact analysis

Unique insights into your volunteers and how they differ from other organisations and sectors.

→ A new value for the impact of volunteers 

Sector leading economic impact analysis to help internal and external stakeholder and funding challenges.

→ Retain more participants as well as volunteers

Great volunteers create a better experience for people who participate in your event.

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