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St John Ambulance

Understanding their volunteers

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Wellbeing and Human Capital Valuation

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At BBC Sports Personality of The Year

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Fields In Trust

A ground breaking look at the value of parks and green space

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Hidden Diamonds

Hidden Diamonds

The true value of sports volunteers

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GIVERS volunteering


Behavioural science on why people do and don’t volunteer

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The team behind Jump has published reports for DCMS and worked with London 2012 legacy charity Join In to reveal social impacts of sport and culture, as related to wellbeing and other metrics.

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Available reports
NCS Wellbeing and Human Capital Valuation

April 2017
– Daniel Fujiwara
– Ricky Lawton
– Will Watt

Making Time

How behavioural science can persuade more people to give their time and volunteer, with a focus on sport.
– Authors Will Watt, Ricky Lawton, Daniel Fujiwara
– Copyright Sport and Recreation Alliance and Simetrica

Fields in Trust – The wellbeing value of parks

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Fields In Trust
GIVERS full academic report
NCS Wellbeing and Human Capital Valuation
GIVERS - 2014 summary